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Es verdad lo que comentan los chicos de NG. Esto debería ser categoría M (Mature) y no T (Teen)
Las animación y estilos son muy buenos, pero el ritmo debe ser trabajado. Las pausas son demasiado largos, lo que corta la acción y hace que se haga algo aburrido de ver. Si logras mejorar el ritmo y flujo de la trama va a quedar excelente.

¡Sigue así, se ve que tienes mucho talento!

I have the feeling the vid ended with a Christmas Tree decorated with the guts of that family

Comick responds:

hahaha nice! Too bad we dont have the rest ;] I'm sure thats the tender heart moment of the film lol

Nice eye BrawlMastah. Also, the little girl that hand over her Rainbow Dash was Kaai Yuki from Vocaloid

By the way, the moment when the other Bronies hide their shirts in shame, as the guy screamed: "MOM! You're embarrassing me!!" was simply priceless

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Wow, this song deserves more appreciation! You did an awesome work 8DDD

Zinitymusic responds:

Thank you man!! :-))

This song is really inspiring and soothing. I loved it immediately!
I was needing something like this, I was a kinda sad and this song made my day ^^

OH WOW! just wow...

What a nice surprise! This song caught my attention intermediately
The piano sounds so beautiful and the music is so cheerful and dreamy :)

It's a shame this song is so short.

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I saw it before!

...For that reason your style looked familiar to me! I saw this artwork a year ago, when my sis was searching for images of her favorites series in that time (Chobits and Rozen Maiden)
I remember that you had a unique style when I saw your deviantart's gallery. Apparently this one changed... I have to check your gallery again, because you have some nice artworks here in Newgrounds.
Anyway is glad to find you again, I'm going to follow your works. Continue with the good job! ;P

Cartoon Style

The cartoonist touch for the vocaloids! I must say they look really adorable in your style.
Rin's expression is my favorite thing in this pic.

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